bumblebee platy peaceful community tropical fish

The Platies you buy today are certainly bred in captivity; however the original wild Platy originated from Mexico and Belize.


Females can reach around 8cm, but this is rare and they usually reach a maximum of 6cm.


Platies will accept most foods, including flakes and granules. They especially enjoy frozen foods such as bloodworm & daphnia and should be fed this in order to get the most colour out of the fish and to keep them healthy.


A very hardy fish which can put up with various water conditions, however the prefer slightly alkaline water. Temperature should be between 24-28°C.


The Platy is a great community fish and they don’t need a huge tank. Ideally the tank should be well planted.


The Platy is one of the easiest fish to breed; they are live bearers and are prolific. Ideally you should have a least 1 male to every 2 females to avoid fighting.
The female will generally have between 20-50 young in any one go, but these will almost certainly get eaten by the other fish in the tank (including the Platies) if they are not kept separate.